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We offer a solution designed to transform your business's accounts payable operation process. Starting from the point when the invoice data is available till the posting of cash paid. We let customers concentrate more on their core business and observe that the Accounts receivable process is professional, accurate and secure.

Through formalized workflows, we execute your project plans that are documented, efficient and effective. We guarantee permanent monitoring of standards and policies of the professionals at the facility that executes the project, to ensure they stay abreast with changing conditions.

We undertake comprehensive control of the accounts payable task of our clients and help them in reducing their costs, closing monthly accounts, streamlining process and ultimately relieving them of this hectic, non core process and capital investment involved with the same.

Our commitment to accounts payable outsourcing quality results through timely and accurate work along with value-added proactive approach to problem solving.


  • Generation of Purchase order
  • Entering Bills of vendors tracking of A/P
  • Payments to vendors/suppliers
  • Generation of A/P reports
  • Aging analysis etc
  • Processing of voucher of other income/expenses of transaction other than invoices/ bills. Income and Expense Tracking.

AP Process

  • Receiving the scanned copies of Invoices through mail and indexing them.
  • Audit and reconciliation of scanned invoices with Purchase Order Number
  • Entering the invoice after matching it with the database
  • Disbursing and scheduling payments against the invoices through print and mail of checks
  • Generating reports like aging reports and any discrepancies found and reporting it to the client
  • Reconciliation of vendor accounts
  • Addressing any query or grievances on the part of vendor or the client
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